Utilizing Data-Driven TV as a Full-Funnel Marketing Solution for Auto Advertisers

For decades, TV advertising was considered an awareness-only tactic. With limited targeting and imprecise measurement of viewership, it was challenging for brands to focus their efforts on specific audiences, often leading them to deliver their ads as broadly as possible in hopes of reaching their target audience. That all has changed.

Over the past five years there has been a tremendous amount of innovation across the multiscreen universe. Data and technology now enable sophisticated audience-based TV and digital video strategies that combine the targeting and measurement capabilities of digital with the reach and impact of TV.

Automotive Marketing – How Car Dealers Can Use TV Advertising

For car dealers, this means you can target in-market shoppers using data insights and a multiscreen strategy. You can place the right message in front of the right audience at the right time in their journey, wherever, whenever, and however they consume premium video content. These advancements have transformed the once awareness-only medium into a full-funnel engagement solution for automotive marketing.

“Today, we’re seeing auto clients advertise on TV and digital video not just to increase brand visibility but to drive audiences to their dealerships and websites,” said Drew Bruno, VP of Strategic Growth, Effectv. “Key insights from data like ad exposure and attribution show that TV advertising is incredibly effective at driving online engagement. So, auto marketers can consistently use TV advertising to push potential buyers lower into the purchase funnel.”

Understanding where audiences are in the buying journey – whether in the awareness, consideration, or intent-to-purchase phase – and tailoring your advertising accordingly is one of the most effective ways to win business. By becoming top of mind early in the path to purchase and focusing on buyers’ needs, car dealers can move consumers closer to that vehicle purchase and be there when they enter the “ready to buy” stage.

Furthermore, with these advancements in technology, as well as new partnerships with measurement companies, we are now able to track TV and video campaigns like we do digital ones – with key metrics like ad exposure and website visitation. This helps prove which parts of your car advertising campaign are most effective, allowing you to optimize your strategy for the best results. As highlighted in this recent auto guide, one automotive client changed its media plan and saw a 46% increase in target household reach year-over-year. Indeed, we see many of our clients find similar success when they activate these types of strategies.

The advertising landscape has changed drastically. As consumer viewing behavior has become more fragmented across screens, TV and digital video have also evolved to better reach those audiences. With today’s more data-informed targeting and measurement, advertisers can influence audiences at every level of the purchase funnel to help drive growth for their business.

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