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Cable TV Ads Impact Election Outcomes

In a comparison of TV ad campaigns accross 28 statewide senate and gubernatorial races during the last election cycle, we found successful campaigns saw higher reach, share of voice, and more.


OTT And Its Place In The TV Ecosystem

As consumers stream more content to their devices of choice, Over The Top (OTT) has become more and more important for advertisers to use as a marketing channel. Learn more in our latest white paper.


What is “TV”?

TV consumption is on the rise, and at the same time “TV” has evolved from the physical device in the living room to refer to many different aspects of premium content viewing.


Understanding Asian American Audiences and How to Reach Them

The Asian American community is growing faster than any other major racial or ethnic group and is projected to be the largest minority population by 2065. In a new mini report, learn what advertisers should know about Asian American consumers and viewers in the U.S.