Prove the value of your campaigns

Your advertising needs to be more accountable than ever. Effectv’s comprehensive reporting and attribution tools give you insights into campaign performance and the impact of your ads on business.


Tell the full story of your TV ad campaign’s delivery

Effectv uses ad exposure data to evaluate how effectively your campaigns are reaching your desired audience segment over the course of your campaign.

Gain insight into:

  • Audience reach and frequency

  • Best practices for future optimization

TV campaign reporting dashboard on laptop screen


Get your digital campaign reporting all in one place

Assess digital performance with metrics like impressions and completion rates, as well as information on the type of platform/device (connected TV, mobile device, VOD, etc.) and the content/brand (Bravo, CNN, ESPN, etc.).

  • Get results faster

    Reporting is available for completed and still-running campaigns within 48 hours.

  • Explore the full story

    Clear and concise reports provide a complete overview of your streaming campaigns, including your most important KPIs.


Take control
of your ROI

Our IMPACT solutions prove the effect of your campaign on business, so you can be sure that your ads are delivering the ROI you’re looking for.

  • Understand digital engagement

    Measure the lift in web traffic within 30 minutes of a TV spot airing

  • Measure across the customer journey

    Track the long-tail impact of your campaign across awareness, consideration, and intent, using third-party analytics

Use valuable insights to grow business.

A complete picture of your campaign’s performance helps you make smart advertising decisions.

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