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Effectv combines the best of digital with the power of TV to help local, regional, and national advertisers generate results that matter.

Who we are

Effectv is an audience delivery company. We use first-party data to target advertisers’ audiences across linear TV, streaming, and video on demand. In addition, advertisers can utilize our in-house creative agency, Mnemonic, to craft compelling messages as well as easily and affordably build campaigns.

A division of Comcast, we have a presence in 60+ markets and an estimated potential reach of 99 million U.S. adults that include both Comcast and non-Comcast households.* Effectv is headquartered in NYC.
*Estimate based on U.S. census, 2022, of broadband subscriber households in Comcast-represented U.S. counties.

We help you reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

How We Drive Results For You

Effectv maximizes engagement between advertisers and their audiences by creating campaigns that reach them at the right place and time. We utilize household-level data, premium programming across devices, and comprehensive reporting to inform strategies that achieve business goals.

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Data-driven targeting

Effectv harnesses the scale and quality of Comcast data, derived from 30+ million households. This deterministic data allow us to identify target audiences with greater precision; inform more effective campaign planning; and report transparent campaign performance metrics across platforms.

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Multiscreen access

We are a multiscreen TV provider, giving clients access to premium inventory programming at scale across live, on demand, and streaming TV (OTT, TVE, CTV, etc.). This means brands are able to access over 11,000 TV programs from 170 networks across all platforms and devices.

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We have a full set of reporting and measurement tools that enable clients to evaluate campaign performance across devices. Further, our attribution capabilities allow brands to correlate campaign performance to key business outcomes, such as online activity.

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