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Using insights from first-party Comcast data, Effectv seamlessly connects candidates to voters across every screen—TV, streaming, and video on demand.

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Est. adults reached, enabling audience delivery at scale

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of political viewers’ time is spent with ad-insertable cable & VOD

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as much time from viewers is spent on cable news vs. broadcast news

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the amount of audience's time is spent watching TV compared to digital ads

Break through at the ballot box

As the advertising division of Comcast, Effectv connects you with voters at the right place and time. Deliver your message to a targeted audience on every screen across top networks and thousands of programs

Latest Insights: In the Myths of TV News video, we set the record straight on viewership trends that will boost your political strategy.

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Effectv’s premium video advertising solutions put candidates on the biggest platforms: TV, streaming, and video on demand. It’s easier than ever to reach voters in trusted, brand-safe content at every stage of their decision-making process, so you can make a difference at the polls.

Data-driven voter insights

Find audiences based on geography, demographics, and voter segments, such as those likely to vote, using rich data.

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Target the right constituents

Connect with audiences wherever and whenever they’re watching, on programs from news to entertainment to sports.

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Assess your campaign

Receive a full suite of reporting metrics that provides a complete picture of your ad’s performance.

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Key Insights

Women Voters Report Research/Report

Women Voters Report

Uncover women voters' political leanings and media consumption habits with the Women Voters Report. Download now for critical insights for your campaigns.

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How a Political Candidate Built Immediate Affinity and Won Blog

How a Political Candidate Built Immediate Affinity and Won

A political campaign is a microcosm of a branding effort. In a condensed period of time, the brand (a candidate) must establish awareness, determine accurate targeting, and effectively create emotional connections that resonate through a transaction – casting a ballot.

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How Multiscreen TV Delivers for Winning Campaigns

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Cable TV Advertising: A Powerful Tool to Reach Active Voters

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Counting the Votes: Political Advertising in Multiscreen TV

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2024 TV Ad Strategies: What Political Advertisers can Learn from 2022

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