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Effectv’s Audience Addressable allows for precise, household-level targeting across all screens, all within a single campaign.

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The Benefits of
Audience Addressable Advertising


Increase ROI

Addressable advertising allows you to cater to a specific audience with personalized messaging, ensuring your ad can be even more relevant to viewers. Targeting only your most likely customers with relevant messaging can increase your ROI.

Enhance brand recall

Audience Addressable’s personalized messaging also contributes to higher brand recall, as consumers are 86% more likely to recall ads that were relevant to them.

Maximize Reach

A recent Comcast Advertising study showed that adding an Audience Addressable impression allocation of 30% to your campaign maximizes its total and target reach.

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It’s all in the data

Audience Addressable utilizes deterministic data from more than 28 million Comcast households. These unique data insights come with multiple benefits.

  • Because our aggregated first-party data is deterministic it yields a 95% initial match rate. This enables you to reach authenticated audiences in places like TV, VOD, and streaming.

  • Comcast’s deterministic data is more relevant for longer than probabilistic, IP-based data

  • We match our first-party data with third-party data to identify your target audience with even greater precision.

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Find hard-to-reach audiences

Combining Audience Addressable with an Effectv data-driven TV campaign adds incremental reach by targeting households that TV advertising alone would not have reached


  • In campaigns that used both Audience Addressable and data-driven TV, 1 in 3 target households reached would have been missed without the addressable component.
  • Audience Addressable is 46% more likely to reach light and no-TV households than a non-addressable data-driven TV campaign alone.

Want to see how addressable advertising can help boost your business? Check out this video.

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