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The days of one-dimensional media planning are over. Buying spots on networks based on ratings won’t yield the results you’re looking for. Instead, follow the data to target the right audiences at the right time – wherever they’re watching – so you can maximize key business outcomes.

The Comcast
data difference

Data isn’t just for digital anymore; now, it’s how you get results from ad campaigns on TV, no matter which screen or device your audience is using.

Effectv uses insights from Comcast’s deterministic data to benefit your advertising campaign in three ways:

We match subscriber data with third-party data to identify the right target audiences with greater precision.

This aggregate viewership data shows what audiences are watching, informing more effective campaign planning by predicting what they’re likely to be watching next.

Transparent campaign performance metrics across platforms provides insights on recent campaign delivery and opportunities for future campaign optimization. This data may also be shared with third-party measurement vendors to provide brands and agencies with custom analytics.

Xfinity TV screen

Precisely target specific audiences based on insights into:

  • Viewership trends
  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • Content preferences
  • Interests and affinities

Propel your business forward

Effectv gives you access to premium inventory across linear, on demand, and streaming TV—and the targeting to make those placements count. In addition, brand integration opportunities across Comcast’s X1 platform helps you connect with your audiences in new ways.

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Get the full picture of performance

Track and measure campaign results with comprehensive, granular reporting.

Effectv provides comprehensive performance measurement through mid- and post-campaign reports that enable in-campaign optimizations, including insights into:

  • Reach
  • Frequency
  • Impression Delivery
  • Devices
  • Platforms
  • Content
  • Conversion
  • Incremental Reach
  • Brand Lift
  • Location Visitation

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