The Evolution of TV Advertising: 3 Ways to Optimize Your Auto Marketing Strategy

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During ASOTU CON 2023, an automotive marketing industry event, Effectv’s Head of Sales Development, Dawn Williamson, sat down with ASOTU Partner and COO, Kyle Mountsier. The pair discussed the evolving TV landscape and how modern automotive marketers can optimize their strategies. Watch the video interview or continue reading the blog for Dawn’s top three strategies.

1. Focus on Your Creative Messaging

Consider what you want to convey and how you’re targeting potential buyers to break through the distractions and land your message. Crisp and concise messaging is crucial – so what can you do to enhance your creative messaging?

Make Human Connections

From Dawn’s perspective, the ability to tell a story that connects to human experiences and inspires action is very powerful. Compelling storytelling is a potent advertising tool, capable of evoking emotions and prompting viewers to pause and reflect on the message, service, or product.

Often, media and marketing messages don’t walk viewers through a journey that is uniquely human. Fortunately, the automotive industry is connected to many human experiences that can resonate with a wide array of audiences – think family road trips and having meaningful conversations in the car.

Auto is an integral part of life – at some point, everyone will likely need to service or buy a car – and advertisers should leverage this connection. An always-on strategy with the right message will help keep your brand at the forefront of the customer’s mind when making a purchasing decision.

Utilize Video Content

Resonance is key, and the ability to tell a story through video content is highly influential in advertising. Video content is a powerful medium for conveying narratives in an engaging and compelling way (if done correctly.)

Effectv’s in-house creative agency, Mnemonic, helps dealers effectively tell impactful stories with their creative messaging. Learn more here.

2. Use Data for Campaign Measurement, Attribution, and ROI

There’s a persistent myth that linear TV, OTT, and streaming are extremely challenging to measure, attribute, and target effectively. However, the TV advertising landscape is transforming, and advertisers now have the ability to create more strategic and data-driven campaigns.

Connecting the Dots Across Platforms

One of the major advantages advertisers have today is the ability to connect the dots across various platforms. There’s an opportunity to use data insights when building a media schedule on linear TV and reach viewers as they shift between different media platforms to make more informed campaign decisions.

Enhanced Audience Targeting

In the past, advertisers would air a TV spot without knowing precisely where their audiences were or how to use data insights effectively. Today, advertisers can better understand their audiences preferences, enabling more strategic and effective campaigns. At Effectv, our advertisers can utilize the data they have, combined with our Comcast aggregated first-party data, to ensure more precise and effective audience targeting.

3. Understand the Evolving Video Ecosystem

The TV advertising landscape is constantly evolving, presenting advertisers with a diverse range of platforms and mediums to choose from. With so many options available, finding the right combination and balance in your advertising mix is key.

Combining Linear with Streaming

The fusion of linear and streaming is shaping a more cohesive video ecosystem, allowing advertisers to reach a broader and more diverse audience. Effectv found that an optimal combination of linear TV and streaming – where 30% of the advertising budget is allocated to streaming – is an effective strategy for maximum impact.1

What is Premium Video?

As TV continues to evolve, industry dialogue is shifting towards better defining “premium video” – focusing on brand-safety, high-quality, and trust. The Comcast Advertising research report, ‘What is Premium Video? Redefining What it Means to Be Premium in Advertising,’ explores an accurate definition of “premium video” and why it’s important for advertisers.

The future of advertising is filled with potential for those who utilize data-driven insights and deliver narratives that deeply resonate with their target audiences. With enhanced data and technology, automotive advertisers can better understand their customers, place the right creative messaging at the right place and time, and attribute sales and business outcomes.

For more information on how you can create an optimized data-driven multiscreen TV campaign, contact us.

1. Comcast Aggregated Viewership Data combined with Ad Exposure Data from TV + Effectv Streaming campaigns (1H ’23).