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Winning Sports Advertising Strategies for the Agency Media Buyer

Explore Winning Sports Advertising Strategies for the Agency Media Buyer

How a Political Candidate Built Immediate Affinity and Won

A political campaign is a microcosm of a branding effort. In a condensed period of time, the brand (a candidate) must establish awareness, determine accurate targeting, and effectively create emotional connections that resonate through a transaction – casting a ballot. ...


Cable TV Advertising: A Powerful Tool to Reach Active Voters

The notion that “cable is dead,” couldn’t be farther from the truth, especially for political campaigns. Learn more about TV advertising’s impact on election outcomes. ...


Taking a Swing at Baseball's New Rules - For Advertisers

Baseball’s new rule changes could positively impact the sport’s ability to reach engaged viewers on TV. Let’s look at the new rules in place that will likely have some impact for brands. ...


2024 TV Ad Strategies: What Political Advertisers can Learn from 2022

The 2022 midterm election was a milestone for political advertisers. Campaign spending reached an impressive $8.9 billion – more than double the spend of the 2018 midterms – while the growth of digital and streaming inventory for political advertising presented new opportunities for advertisers, and many seized the chance to expand their marketing toolbelt. ...


Advertising During the Summer Can Help Increase Your Share of Voice

Can advertising through the summer increase your market advantage? Discover the competitive benefits of staying on air & capturing audience attention. ...