Supercharge your ad with Comcast data

Effectv’s platform is fueled by Comcast’s first-party data, which means you can target your campaign to the right audience in a smarter way.

Your ads are only as good as the data that powers them

Use insights from a leading TV distributor derived from aggregated subscriber data.

This data allows us to identify the right target audiences, so you can engage the potential customers that will grow business.

Aggregate Comcast viewership data tells us what audiences are watching, helping to inform more effective campaign planning.

Unique customer insights

Comcast viewership data is combined with third-party data to give you a fuller picture of your customer. We can even layer in your own first-party data to get even deeper.

Reach the people who matter most to your business with a message built just for them. Build a targeted campaign driven by unique insights into viewing patterns, demographics, purchasing trends, affinity, and interest.

Data that delivers at every stage of your campaign

Raw data is one thing, but the magic really happens when you derive valuable insights  from that data.

By applying layers of analysis, Effectv ensures your campaigns are built to perform from start to finish—and helps you understand the full impact of your advertising.

  • Identify the right audiences

  • Plan effective campaigns

  • Optimize future campaigns

  • Prove impact

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