Go Beyond the :30 Commercial

Extend your campaign to include innovative, customer engagement opportunities on X1, Comcast’s consumer TV and internet platform.

Create An Interactive Experience

Optimize engagement with your audience. Build a video-on-demand channel that is dedicated exclusively to your brand. By showcasing your long and short-form content, you can engage with consumers on a deeper level, build loyalty, and highlight new products or offers.

  • Xfinity X1 interactive capability allows consumers to engage with content in a new way.
  • Use viewership data to target audiences by geography, content, or addressability.
  • Household-level reporting allows for media attribution and measurement of ROI.
Xfinity Auto Showroom interactive advertising

Auto Showroom

This voice-activated virtual showroom allows prospective car buyers to explore branded video content from sponsors as well as explore reviews and product demos from MotorTrend.

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X1 Voice Remote

The X1 voice remote makes it easy for audiences to learn more about you. Viewers simply say a command into their remotes, which then transports them to an interactive channel that contains your branded content.

Man speaking into Xfinity X1 voice remote

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