The TV Viewership Report 1H 2023

Submitted by: Effectv

| 1 min. read

Optimize your multiscreen TV campaign with insights from the 1H 2023 TV Viewership Report.

As viewers find new ways to engage with video content, it is crucial for brands to diversify how they connect with their audiences. Multiscreen TV advertising expands reach, but a well-informed multiscreen TV campaign optimizes results. The latest TV Viewership Report provides data-backed strategies to maximize audience reach across platforms.

Based on data from 40,000 multiscreen campaigns, totaling over three billion impressions, and nearly 14 billion hours of TV viewing, the 1H 2023 findings feature:

1. Elements included in highest reaching campaigns
2. Breakdown of how and where viewers are watching
3. Optimal streaming allocation

Download the 1H 2023 TV Viewership Report for recommendations to enhance your multiscreen TV advertising campaigns.

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