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In Focus Series

In Focus is Effectv’s monthly webcast and podcast series. With each episode, marketers hear from industry experts, gain valuable advertising insights and learn how to make campaigns more efficient and effective.

October 12

Free Webcast: Healthcare Marketing to Meet the Moment

Hosted by: Scott McCarther

October 12

Free Webcast: Healthcare Marketing to Meet the Moment

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EPISODE 1 15 min

Today's TV Viewership Trends

Learn more about today’s TV viewership trends, featuring industry experts, James Rothwell and Andrea Zapata.

EPISODE 2 17 min

Addressable TV: The Holy Grail for Marketers?

Hear from Effectv's media experts Kelly Perone and Lisa Ahern on what makes addressable TV such a valuable tool for advertisers.

EPISODE 3 20 min

Keep Your Business Top of Mind Like a Shark

Learn how you can navigate today’s choppy waters and keep your business top of mind for consumers, featuring Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank & CNBC.

EPISODE 4 30 min

Election 2020: Political Strategies for All Marketers

Hear about political advertising strategies any marketer can learn from, featuring three political media experts.

EPISODE 5 28 min

Agencies on Creative Impact

Watch how national and regional brands are faring with creative messaging revisioning in the current environment.

EPISODE 6 32 min

Connecting the Automotive Tiers

Learn how auto marketers are approaching each tier strategy and driving differentiation and consistency for their dealerships.

EPISODE 7 30 min

The Future of Streaming TV

Hear about all the factors contributing to the growth of streaming TV and how innovative advertisers can leverage streaming platforms to reach audiences.

EPISODE 8 27 min

The Halo Effectv of TV

Take a deeper dive into "The Halo Effect" series' findings from media experts at TVSquared, MediaScience and the VAB.

EPISODE 9 21 min

Automotive Marketing Strategies from a Leader in Collector Cars

Barrett Jackson and A+E's (FYI and History) Craig Jackson discuss how businesses can stay relevant during uncertain times

EPISODE 10 24 min

Watch Episode 10

Learn about the future of TV show and movie production as well as the unique strategies media and entertainment-focused advertisers are using to promote content to audiences.

EPISODE 11 30 min

Healthcare Marketing to Meet the Moment

Learn about the future of telehealth and how Healthcare technology has become significantly more popular and pervasive throughout the past year and will continue to rise in relevancy for patients in 2021.