In Focus: Stay on Air to Drive Share

In Focus is an Effectv video series exploring the most relevant topics in multiscreen TV advertising with insights and discussion, attempting to answer the question: what are the key areas of focus for advertisers today?

In this episode, Amy Nisenson, VP of Sales for Effectv and Stacey Chapman, SVP of Digital Strategy for Burgerville discuss the importance of staying on air to drive share, especially during uncertain times. Their discussion dives into how consistent media investment and diversified messaging helps both the short- and long-term health of businesses, and specifically how Burgerville approaches their multiscreen engagement with consumers.

As Amy says, during times of economic uncertainty, one of the first and most instinctual things to happen is advertisers pull back on media investment. At Effectv, we have seen overwhelming evidence that it is better to fight that instinct and stay the course, as it is your opportunity to stay front of mind and take share from your competitors. It’s also a great way to use both linear TV and streaming to continue to accumulate reach over time so you can build awareness and drive outcomes.