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Digital Campaigns that Include TV Drive Stronger Advertising Results

Some marketers focus their advertising efforts on short-term sales activation through placement of video ads in digital environments like YouTube and Facebook. The issue? Less value being placed on long-term brand building and consumers are taking notice.

Effectv worked with MediaScience to conduct a study which showed that when viewers were exposed to TV and digital ads versus digital alone, they spent 3x more time with the ads, had 2x better recall of the brand, and drove a 15% lift in purchase intent.

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Report Overview:

Key findings…

When a digital ad was preceded by a TV ad, research showed a 12% lift in brand attitude, suggesting that TV provides a halo effect for digital ads. Additionally, digital ads were perceived to be less intrusive and less “annoying” after TV exposure.

Study results showed that by adding TV to digital video environments, brands could significantly improve brand performance, due to lower attention in the digital environment. TV ads were viewed 2.7x longer than digital ads in the study.

Participants stated that seeing a brand on TV, even if unknown, “legitimized” the company for them.

It can be difficult for marketers to know how and where to put their advertising dollars. Digital Loves TV shows that TV advertising is an essential and complementary element of the marketing mix, improving results, business outcomes and making advertising dollars, even on other channels, work harder.

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