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Williamson Medical Center


Sometimes you have more than one great story to tell. That was the case for Williamson Medical Center in Franklin, TN, a suburb of Nashville. The hospital added a new children’s facility, with its own emergency department and inpatient care. Letting the community know about the top-quality pediatric care available in the local community was important. At the same time, the hospital wanted to remain top-of-mind for all types of health care needs for everyone in the family. Working with Effectv, Williamson Medical Center was able to use TV and digital advertising, delivered to the right audiences on the right platforms, based on geographic and demographic data.


For commercials highlighting the children’s hospital, Williamson Medical Center needed to reach families likely to have children. That campaign incorporated demographically focused networks like ABC Family (now Freeform), Bravo, E!, Food Network, HGTV, TBS, TNT and USA, along with in-banner and pre-roll video advertising. The theme was about being able to find care “in your backyard” for local residents. For a broader campaign about the hospital’s overall capabilities, commercials used the real-life stories of patients. The “My Story” testimonial spots represented a fresh approach to advertising, keeping pace with competing facilities which had rolled out new branding campaigns of their own. For both campaigns, geographic targeting allowed Williamson Medical Center to speak directly to local residents, emphasizing that they didn’t need to drive to Nashville to receive top-quality emergency treatment.


After launching its multi-screen advertising campaigns, Williamson Medical Center reported continued month-to-month growth in traffic to its website. Engagement with the “My Story” commercials was so strong that community members were approaching the hospital wanting to have their own stories featured.