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Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau


Vacations have a way of helping families reconnect and create lifelong memories. Tapping into that powerful emotional connection was the objective of a multi-screen advertising campaign from the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau (VBCVB). Their “love the moment” theme portrayed the types of little moments that resonated with their target audience of adults 35-54 with families, and a household income of $85,000+. Secondarily, the VBCVB was looking to reach an audience of “baby boomers” and couples. It wasn’t just a multi-screen campaign, it was a multi-city campaign as well, including Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Roanoke and Harrisburg.


The VBVCB used video-on-demand (VOD), cable television and online advertising to create a balance of broad and highly focused messaging to maximize reach and effectiveness. They began the campaign with several specific goals in mind:

On, the agency combined exposure on the site’s entertainment, sign-in, mail center and home pages. The advertising worked in tandem with their VOD and cable messages to increase awareness of the Virginia Beach destination.