Santa Fe Animal Shelter


It’s a familiar challenge for many non-profits: big goals, but limited resources. The Santa Fe Animal Shelter in Santa Fe, NM, could relate. As the shelter prepared to mark its  75th year of helping dogs, cats and other critters, it teamed with Effectv for its first-ever television advertising effort, coupled with digital video marketing. The goals: build general awareness in the community and grow donations for specific causes and events, including a CrowdRise fundraising competition.


Effectv’s geographic targeting capabilities helped the Santa Fe Animal Shelter maximize its return on investment by keeping that investment in its proverbial backyard. Advertising in one zone in the market, the shelter was then able to create a media plan that included a diverse cross-section of television networks to reach a target audience of adults aged 25-54, with a secondary audience of women aged 50 and over, typically with disposable income that could support the shelter’s causes. With a strategic mix that included networks like AMC, Animal Planet, CNN, Discovery, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, Lifetime, MSNBC, OWN, TNT, TV Land and USA, the shelter was able to air more commercials, boosting frequency. Digital marketing incorporated the same messages within in-banner video advertising on, engaging those in the local community with commercials designed to “pull at emotional heartstrings.”


The Santa Fe Animal Shelter shows you don’t need a big budget to achieve big results. Targeted multi-screen video advertising helped the shelter achieve first place in the CrowdRise campaign, thanks to donations from throughout the area. Scoring a victory is nice; more importantly, those additional donations enabled the shelter to increase its overall profit margin. Donors noted seeing the shelter’s ads on TV and digital platforms.