Marketing in Motion

Marketing in Motion is a local agency in Illinois that represents multiple clients in the Bloomington, Peoria, and Springfield markets. The Mnemonic team worked with Marketing in Motion to create unique, memorable commercials specific to each client’s needs.

Window World Bloomington:  

This client enjoys having its employees and their families in the store’s ads, believing it builds trust within the community. To fulfill this request, we enlisted the employees’ children for a zombie-themed commercial. The strategy worked, and Window World increased website traffic each month during the campaign.

Monster Pawn Springfield:

With a twist on the 8-bit animation style, this client used himself as an animated character in the store’s commercial. This quirky twist not only made him a recognizable face around town, but it also boosted name recognition for the store itself. The business owner was so happy with the results, he turned it into an ongoing campaign.

Williams & Swee:

This law firm wanted to grow its business. To that end, the Mnemonic team produced a commercial targeting customers seeking workers’ compensation, personal injury, and Social Security/disability legal services. With strong visuals and messaging, we helped the client increase its business and establish a voice in the community