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Cape May Tourism


Cape May County is a premier vacation destination for families looking for a getaway to the Jersey Shore. The Cape May Tourism team is responsible for promoting all the activities and experiences that towns within the county have to offer. For years, the Tourism team has partnered with Effectv to utilize the sight, sound, and emotion of video to achieve its marketing goals.


The Cape May Tourism team works directly with Effectv every year to craft its campaigns. Effectv’s Research team creates unique heat maps using shared access to the Tourism team’s Google Analytics and ZIP code data collected throughout the summer. These heat maps help ensure that commercials are being placed in the geographies that present the best possible opportunities for the county. By utilizing our various streaming and digital video platforms, Effectv was able to maximize Cape May County’s video campaign throughout the Philadelphia and New York coverage areas.


Even in the face of global pandemic, Cape May County’s 2020 campaign showed excellent results as the Tourism department pivoted to highlight all the safe family fun the Jersey Shore had to offer. The county’s commercials were served over 2.75 million times across a wide range of streaming platforms and networks, with a view-through rate of almost 90%.