How Multiscreen TV Delivers for Winning Campaigns

Submitted by: Effectv

Political campaigns have a sense of immediacy unique to themselves. They are brands designed to create powerful connections in a short time frame and one thing is clear: spending every dollar wisely is crucial.

The most recent General Election resulted in the highest spend in advertising in history, and it’s expected to climb to even higher levels during upcoming cycles.

This guide will address many questions that political marketers may have about reaching voters effectively and how multiscreen TV is solidly the best option to deliver immediate, impactful messages that last. A study in advertising effectiveness, the findings are largely based on real-world examples using insights from data from more than 8,000 Effectv political campaigns with more than 470 million impressions. This overview will provide comprehensive insights about traditional TV, streaming, FAST channels, addressable advertising, multicultural voters, proven case studies from successful campaigns, and more.


The media environment in these races is very hard to cut through, and looking in places where others are not was critical to our approach, whether it be different mediums, times, or geographies. You have to be always reevaluating your plan, looking at opponent spending and adjusting.

Tommy McDonald, Representative, Fetterman for Pennsylvania

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