The Sports Replay: A Campaign Analysis of Sports Advertising

Submitted by: Effectv

In early 2023, more than 113 million viewers tuned into watch the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Philadelphia Eagles for the title of Super Bowl LVII champions.1 Another 14.7 million viewers watched University of Connecticut and San Diego State go head-to-head for the March Madness championship.2

With millions tuning into major sporting events, sports TV programming remains an effective way for brands to reach audiences—beyond just the biggest games. But are advertisers limiting their audience reach by reserving their budgets for specific sporting seasons?

An analysis of sports viewership and ad exposure data from recent sports-focused campaigns highlights how sports advertising delivers audiences year-round. Check out The 2022 Sports Replay infographic for sports advertising and viewership insights to help inform your video advertising strategy.


Infographic explaining why advertising on sports programming is valuable even outside of the biggest games.


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