For Political Marketers: TV Viewership Myths and Realities

TVR Political from Effectv on Vimeo.

If you’re involved in political advertising, your work life lately may have felt a lot like a theme park – or more specifically, a roller coaster. And it’s unlikely things will calm down anytime soon.

In this tumultuous environment, your challenges – to make the best possible decisions about where to advertise, what to say and when – are even more acute. And you need the best available insights to address them effectively. It’s equally important to separate myths from reality where viewership behavior and trends are concerned. Check out the video, above.

Now that you’ve seen a brief glimpse of how viewership is really evolving, download a companion report for more detail. Then, get in touch with your Effectv representative. Let us help you navigate the shifts and changes roiling the political advertising world – and maybe bring a bit more calm to your work life.