What Makes TV Ads Memorable?

Submitted by: Effectv

“The best part of waking up is…” If a certain coffee brand comes to mind while finishing that sentence, then you are not alone. Many brands have embedded themselves in our mind, but have you ever wondered what makes TV ads so memorable? Comcast Advertising tackles this question in TV Makes Memories, a new research report.

The report highlights how ads in a TV environment have the unique ability to drive engagement and build memories. It suggests this is due to three factors that are important for branding outcomes: attention, connection, and repetition.

In partnership with MediaScience, this report explores how different types of ad exposures impact memory and reveals that the strongest memories are most effectively achieved through premium long-form TV advertising – both traditional and streaming – on the big screen. Ads viewed in the TV environment had 2.2x greater unaided recall than ads viewed in a mobile environment.

“Whether it be a catchphrase, a jingle, or an impressive animation, big screen TV and streaming ads are inherently memorable,” said Pooja Midha, EVP and General Manager, Effectv, Comcast Cable’s ad sales division. “Engagement measurement is on the rise in our industry, and with a strong correlation between memorability and engagement, advertisers should aim to build stronger memories. TV–whether streaming or linear–is still the best way to do this.”

Download the report below for insight on how to make your brand more memorable.

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