Research Shows both New and Established Companies can Drive Outcomes with TV

Submitted by: James Rothwell and Lee Singletary

| 1 min. read

TV is the ultimate marketing vehicle for brands to convey their identity, appeal and unique position in the marketplace. As TV has become more accessible to brands earlier in their life stage, it is important to consider when is the right time to use TV to take that next leap forward.

Historically, brands in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space waited eight years on average before adding multiscreen TV to their marketing mix. Research conducted by Effectv and VAB indicates that brands across all life stages—new and established—see strong results from TV advertising and it provides a lift in a brand’s digital engagement.

Here are some insights derived from real brand case studies and research analyzing hundreds of companies (both DTC and non-DTC) to measure TV advertising’s ability to drive outcomes at different brand life cycle stages.