The Importance of a Balanced Approach

Purchasing TV ads remains a reliable and commonly used tactic for marketers looking to reach consumers in the ever-evolving media consumption landscape.


Households (HHs) spend over
six hours per day watching TV1


67% of HHs watch
via cable TV1

For marketers wondering how to advertise on TV, the answer lies in a
strategic combination of placements including traditional cable TV and streaming.

Cable TV + Streaming = Multiscreen TV

For businesses seeking to build their brands and increase ad performance, multiscreen TV advertising campaigns are key. They enable brands to achieve reach and results using traditional cable television as the foundation and streaming as a supplement to engage harder-to-reach viewers. In fact, streaming impressions are 4.6X more likely to reach light and no-tv HHs. 


73% of multiscreen TV campaign reach is unique to traditional TV2
16% of multiscreen TV campaign reach is unique to streaming2


Brand and Performance Marketing

Navigating the nuances and strengths of different marketing strategies is crucial for long-term success.
It is critical to find the right balance of brand and performance marketing.

Performance Marketing vs. Brand Marketing

Performance marketing is focused on generating immediate, narrowly targeted consumer actions.

  • Designed to prompt a direct response and often target consumers ready to purchase.
  • Effective for short-term gains, activating customers who were already in-market and ready to buy.

Brand marketing, on the other hand, is about connecting with all potential customers throughout the customer journey, from base awareness to final action.

  • Nurtures value, recognition, and affinity over time.
  • Creates consistency and ongoing presence in the market, ensuring that a brand remains top-of-mind for consumers now and in the future.

Multiscreen TV advertising is an effective vehicle for brand marketing, allowing brands to reach audiences
at every part of the funnel in memorable ways.


Effectv’s Solution for Success

Effectv is a leader in capitalizing on the power of multiscreen TV advertising.
Our holistic approach focuses on close collaboration with clients, from understanding their goals to optimize the campaign 
to delivering a comprehensive report at the end.

This formula for effective multiscreen TV advertising shows success across industries, including:


EDGE Communications worked with Effectv to deliver high-quality political ads in Florida. The agency’s understanding of Florida’s political landscape, combined with Effectv’s approach to geotargeted TV and streaming video ads, amplified their messages.4

Explore Political Case Study


EDGE Communications worked with Effectv to deliver high-quality political ads in Florida. The agency’s understanding of Florida’s political landscape, The Doral Automotive Group in South Florida partners with Effectv to reach its community through TV advertising via multiple networks, streaming platforms, and live sports events. A recent campaign focused on Miami Heat games, leading to a +6% increase in incremental reach and +41% growth in frequency.5

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Health and Wellness

NeuroSpa, located near Aspen, Colorado, partnered with Effectv to reach diverse audiences including men, Spanish speakers, and affluent households. The multi-platform campaign, which delivered on traditional TV and streaming, led to a +25% increase in new users and a +43.5% increase in website sessions from the targeted regions.6

Explore Health and Wellness Case Study

When clients partner with Effectv, we don’t just show them how to get a commercial onTV – we help them realize the benefits of cable TV and streaming advertising in takingtheir businesses to the next level.

Sources: 1. Comcast Aggregated Viewership Data (2H ‘23). 2. Comcast Aggregated Viewership Data combined with Ad Exposure Data from TV + Effectv Streaming campaigns (2H ‘23). 3. Effectv Case Study: EDGE Communications 4. Effectv Case Study: From Slam Dunks to Sold Cars: Leveraging Live Sports to Reach the Right Car Buyers 5. Effectv Case Study: NeuroSpa

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