Reach car buyers using rich data

Effectv uses insights from first-party Comcast data and multiscreen TV targeting to seamlessly connect auto dealerships and manufacturers to car buyers.

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Smarter ads that move cars off the lot

The way people buy cars is evolving, which makes it more important to reach consumers in a meaningful way. Through data insights, Effectv connects you with the right customers at the right place and time.

Latest Insights: In this episode of our Auto Series, we break down how to create a winning strategy in a fragmented media landscape.

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Be seen across every screen

Effectv offers a full suite of multiscreen solutions that puts you in front of your customer—whether they’re browsing for their next car or ready to make a purchase.

Target car buyers with precision

Identify your audience by segment, income levels, geographies, etc., then deliver your ad across linear TV, streaming, and video on demand.

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Gauge campaign performance

Use reporting metrics and attribution tools to optimize marketing strategy and tie your campaign to business results.

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Maximize reach with Auto Showroom

Create deeper connections with consumers through Auto Showroom, an interactive portal that brings your brand to life.
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Automotive Insights

From Slam Dunks to Sold Cars: Leveraging Live Sports to Reach the Right Car Buyers Blog

From Slam Dunks to Sold Cars: Leveraging Live Sports to Reach the Right Car Buyers

In the automotive industry, strong community relationships are the ultimate fuel for sales. Dealerships show up in their communities as significant employers, sponsors of sports teams, supporters of local causes, and engaged neighbors. And, strategic advertising helps them ensure that potential customers know about those commitments.

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Turning the Corner on Automotive Advertising Video

Turning the Corner on Automotive Advertising

Watch David Regn, Founder/CEO of Stream Companies & Anthony Jingoli, Director of Automotive Sales at Effectv, talk big pivots & auto ad strategies for 2023.

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Immersive Story

Auto Impact with Multiscreen TV Advertising

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Why “Customer Lifetime Value” Should Be the Auto Advertising Buzz Word for 2023

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How TV + Streaming Reach More Auto Buyers Together

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How to Revamp Your Video Ad Strategy in 2023

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TV Plus Streaming Works For Tier 3 Auto

Learn how this auto dealer received over 1,000 site visits within 30 minutes of their ad airing on TV.

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