Something Old or Something New? Why TV Plus Streaming is the Marriage for You

New data reveals the ideal balance of TV and streaming advertising to achieve maximum campaign reach

Advertisers today face many difficult choices. In-house or agency? Manual or automated? First-party or third-party? One of the most challenging choices is how to make the most of video advertising – that is, how to balance traditional TV (the “old” way) with streaming (the “new” way).

New data uncovers the importance of incorporating both strategies into an effective media plan, as well as the right budget allocation to drive the best results.

In an analysis of over 20,000 campaigns from the first half of 2021, we found that advertisers who employ both streaming and TV see the best success, regardless of spend level or brand category. More specifically, campaign reach is highest when 10-40% of a campaign investment is allocated to streaming – no matter how high or low the investment.

Adding streaming to a TV campaign or adding TV to a streaming campaign drives additional reach among unexposed audiences, proving it is a valuable combination. In fact, 37% of streaming impressions went to “light” or “no TV” households – in other words, households that most likely would not have otherwise seen the ad, or would have only seen it sporadically on TV.

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