Addressable TV Is A ‘Tactic That’s Evolving’: Comcast’s Kevin Smith

Whether the subject is Nielsen ratings, video on demand or addressable television advertising, communications giant Comcast is all about the “macro experience” for consumers and advertisers. This holistic approach to the rapidly evolving entertainment landscape comes across loud and clear from Kevin Patrick Smith in a panel discussion at the recent Beet.TV Retreat 2016.

Prompted by panel moderator Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and Founder of Furious Corp., to reflect on the transformation of Comcast over the last several years, Smith, who is SVP of Comcast Media 360, invokes the fictional Philadelphia-based company Kabletown.

“When you look at the legacy cable company created by Ralph Roberts, which was parodied on a show called 30 Rock, which is on a network we owned, and you look at where it is today, the way we look at it is in the eyes of the customer and certainly the advertiser,” Smith says.

He goes on to cite the “radical evolution of measurement” from C3 and its innumerable permutations along with the many choices consumers have for viewing video content. “I think it’s constantly evolving, but the one thing that we really do focus on and we have to be cause it’s competitive is the consumer experience,” says Smith.

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