Advertising in Washington D.C.

Potentially Reach up to 9 in 10 Households in Washington D.C.*

Washingtonians love watching TV and streaming content, giving you an opportunity to connect with your potential customers during the high-quality content they love. Reach your ideal audience through targeted, multiscreen TV advertising, wherever and whenever they watch. Plus, benefit from additional reach as your message is delivered to other nearby households watching the same content.

* Potential reach estimate based on U.S. census, July 2021, broadband subscriber households in Comcast O&O/represented counties in geography referenced.

TV Viewership

Washingtonians watch TV content in a variety of ways. With an Effectv campaign, you can reach them across content types, screens, and devices.

Total Daily Time with TV Content

06:23 Total Daily Time

Viewing Time by Device

41% VOD 13% Desktop
37% CTV 9% Mobile

Viewing Time by Type

30% Broadcast
70% Cable

TV Advertising in Three Ways

We use insights from aggregated first-party Comcast data and third-party data to understand and reach your ideal audience in three ways.

Choose if you want to reach all of Washington D.C. or if you want to target at the more localized level to reach any of the 26 zones that make up the D.C. market. For small businesses, keep in mind most of your potential customers are generally within a few miles.

Choose from any of 300+ audience segments, like Homeowners, In Market for Any Vehicle, and Flourishing Families.

Addressable Advertising

If you’re looking to reach all of Washington D.C., you can also choose to use addressable advertising to reach different TV audiences with different versions of your ad. This gives you the opportunity to maximize your impact with tailored messaging.

Learn more about addressable advertising.

Choose what types of TV and streaming content you want your ad to appear alongside. We run ads on more than 2,000+ nationally across streaming and traditional TV and streaming networks like ESPN, TNT, CNN, TBSC, which are significantly more popular in the Washington D.C. area than on average in the U.S. Qualified advertisers can also choose to run messaging during high-value programming like cable news and sports that feature hometown favorites like the Commanders, Wizards, and Nationals.

Understanding Campaign Results

After your campaign ends, you’ll receive detailed reports showing how well your ad performed. You’ll have insight into what’s working and how you can optimize future campaigns, so you can maximize the impact of your ad dollars.

Check out other clients’ results in our case studies.

Effectv Offices Near Washington D.C.

Get personalized support from local experts. When you partner with Effectv, we’ll match you with an Account Executive who specializes in Washington D.C.-area campaigns, so you can benefit from geographically tailored help and advice. Here’s where we’re located:

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