Using Streaming Content in a Comprehensive Ad Campaign

TV isn’t what it used to be – and that’s good news for advertisers. Today, there are countless services and devices people use to watch TV content, driven in large part by the rise of streaming. For advertisers, this shift means you can run your message across services, optimizing your campaign by reaching potential customers on both streaming and traditional TV.


What Is Streaming?

Streaming content is any video played over the internet, regardless of device. Also known as “over-the-top” or OTT, it avoids using a cable, satellite, or telecommunications service, going over the traditional cable box.
During the last few years, time spent with streaming content has been increasing fast. Now, among streaming-capable homes, more than a quarter of total video viewing time is spent with streaming content – about 1 hour and 40 minutes daily per person – and most streaming is ad-supported.


How Can You Best Use Streaming?

As an advertiser, you can reach more viewers by running your messaging across devices, content, and services. And with most streaming occurring on the TV screen, you can still reach audiences in the coveted lean-back environment – when people are often paying more attention as they settle in for their favorite shows.

The best way to use streaming ads is to incorporate them into a holistic ad strategy that also uses traditional TV ads. In fact, campaigns that combine streaming ads with traditional TV ads can increase brand favorability by 99%, meaning people could like your brand twice as much.

And viewers don’t mind advertising. A full 95% of TV and streaming viewers watch at least one ad-supported content source, and 58% say they’d prefer to watch an ad-supported service than a more expensive ad-free one.

In short, including streaming ads in your campaign can help you boost results and integrate your brand into the modern TV viewing experience. So when you advertise across platforms and devices, everybody wins.

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