Redefining News

We all love our local broadcast news personalities – the witty banter, the excitable meteorologist, the riveting investigative journalism – but audience viewing patterns are shifting and so too should your advertising strategy. Viewers are spending more time with cable news while broadcast news has remained relatively flat. It’s time to reflect, is your business investing in the right news?

Eroding ratings diminish reach & value

Broadcast primetime trends indicate significant shifts to cable are essential to maintain consumer reach. Local market cable now has the viewers, the GRPs and the affluent consumers you need.

Relying on heavy local news to achieve goals means that consumer reach for ad campaigns is compromised, and the same viewers are hit over and over with the same commercial message.

Viewership may be flat, but ratings are down for local broadcast primetime (A25-54).

Nielsen NPower. Prime Time aggregate ratings for ABC, CBS, NBC, NBC, and FOX. Sept 19, 2016 – May 24, 2017 vs. the same period one year and two years prior

Why Cable News?

Cable News delivers audiences that are inherently more engaged with current events. These networks are filled with trusted names for reliable information. Greater variety and more precise targeting opportunities mean a more effective and efficient way to reach your customers.

Nielsen Npower Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2016 vs. 2017  (Live + Same Day). Broadcast includes avg. rtgs ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX affiliates with all National and Local News Dayparts. News documentary is not included. Cable includes avg. rtgs 6a-12m CNN, FXNC, MSNBC.