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Tish Flooring


Tish Flooring, located in Indianapolis, has a long-standing relationship with Effectv stemming from a strong working relationship between Mnemomic (Creative Services) lead and the owner of Tish Flooring. Tish first advertised with Effectv to build its brand recognition before expanding its messaging.


The client wanted to attract families on the north side of the city and highlight the professional, personal shopping experience it offers for people searching for flooring.  Effectv helped produce a variety of commercials focusing on a branding campaign, client testimonials featuring local customers, and in-store promotions.


Harry Tishler, owner of Tish Flooring, noted that the creative was effective in boosting awareness of and interest in the store.  Mnemonic’s regularly refreshed creative kept Tish’s business growing and helped make Tish a local household name.