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Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum


Fall brings many options for family entertainment, and the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in Chattanooga, TN, wanted to connect with parents over age 35 looking for a unique experience. The railroad had a short time frame to promote and boost sales for its November events, and chose multi-screen advertising from Effectv to engage its target audience.


The museum focused its campaign on two zones in the Knoxville market where there was a significant amount of entertainment spending. With a limited window of opportunity to reach the most viewers, the TV potion of the plan included networks that were especially strong in the fall, like AMC and ESPN – think Walking Dead and football – as well as History and FOX News, consistently strong performers with the 35+ audience in the market.


It was definitely “all aboard” thanks to multi-screen advertising, as the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s autumn adventure was sold out before its advertising schedule was complete.