Slumberland Furniture


As a franchised location of a well-known Midwestern retail chain, Slumberland Furniture of Champaign, IL, was at the forefront of adopting a multi-screen advertising strategy. The location’s owner also wanted to ensure he wasn’t giving “free” advertising to other franchised stores in the market. Enter Effectv, with a geographically targeted, multi-screen solution that could help the owner sleep easy at night.


Slumberland frequently changes its marketing creative to highlight current promotions, and Effectv ensured the latest creative was always reaching customers both on TV and digital platforms. With a target audience of women aged 25-54, TV advertising focused on Food Network, HGTV and USA. In-banner video advertising on worked in concert with the TV advertising to provide maximum impact across screens. Using the store’s data, the marketing plan focused on the ZIP codes generating the most sales, while also reaching areas with the potential to generate new growth.


While sales for the Slumberland chain as a whole remained level, the Champaign location proved the value of multi-screen advertising by increasing sales 10% year-over-year.