Simon’s Furniture


Simon’s Furniture is an independent, family-owned storefront in Franklin, Mass. founded in 1911. The store offers quality, mid- and high-range furniture as well as mattresses, appliances, and other furnishings.

Simon’s has been a consistent advertiser with Effectv for several years. It has embraced the multiscreen approach and measures sales results YOY to determine effectiveness of its linear and multi-platform video advertising. It has recently increased its multiscreen campaign investments, reallocating funds from print advertising.


Simon’s sought to increase sales YOY in each of its profit centers, including general furniture, mattresses, appliances, Ekornes Stressless furniture, and its outlet center. The store’s main strategy was to organize multiscreen marketing campaigns around sales events for each of these product types throughout the year.

Because each profit center had its own specific target customers, each campaign used proprietary, de-identified viewership data along with information from market research company Scarborough to target the right audience segments. Ekornes Stressless ads were targeted toward households with men aged 55 and older; mattress-focused messages were delivered to households with adults aged 35 and older with annual household incomes above $100,000; and furniture ads focused on households with women aged 35 and older who own their homes and have annual household incomes above $100,000. Effectv regularly reviewed the store’s ad schedule, using viewership data and Google Analytics to optimize campaigns.

Effectv also worked with the client to create a custom in-store event to help promote the arrival of the Laurel Mercantile Co. (LMCo) furniture line by Ben and Erin Napier, known for hosting HGTV’s “Home Town.” The resulting Simon’s Furniture Design Night featured a showcase of the LMCo products and a presentation by popular local interior designer Jordan Lund of Jordecor.


The Simon family noted that customers visiting the store often mention their commercials. They also saw increased traffic to their website that correlated to their ad campaigns, and they were pleased with the turnout for the Design Night event.