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The mission of Roby’s is to provide the best showroom to purchase furniture, appliances, and bedding in the areas of Portland and Eugene, OR. Roby’s helps customers achieve the desired home environment and provides quality products at a great value. In addition to serving its customers, it strives to be an important part of the community.

Roby’s has done business with Effectv for many years. When the client teamed up with Effectv most recently, the goal was to reach potential appliance, mattress, and furniture shoppers wherever and however they watch content, specifically in key Oregon coastal geographies.


Roby’s chose several valuable audiences to target with its advertising, including households in-market for furniture or appliances, home improvement intenders and those interested in DIY, homeowners and those who recently purchased a home, women aged 35+, and households that include some of the wealthiest in the country.

Roby’s used Comcast data insights to target these audience segments through a multiscreen video ad campaign that utilized both linear and streaming content. The client added key sports packages throughout the year and reserved a dedicated monthly budget for high-value programming including NFL, college sports, MLB, and golf. This enabled the brand to align with premium content, regardless of screen, in an effort to reach its core audiences throughout their video viewing experiences.


Roby’s used Effectv’s custom dashboard to see the correlation between the campaign and website traffic, with measurements from TVSquared. This showed that the ads correlated to a +7.3% immediate lift in website visitors, a +17.5% overall lift in site visitors, and a +66.2% lift in product views. Google Analytics data further showed a +17.2% increase in site goal completions, which strongly indicate intent to buy. Based on these results and overall business growth, Roby’s continues to increase its Effectv campaign spend each year by 10-20%. “We were just extremely happy with Effectv and what they were able to do,” said Ryan Lewis, owner of Roby’s.