Pennco Tech


Pennco Tech, a premier trade school in New Jersey and Pennsylvania providing career-focused education and hands-on training, was looking to increase enrollment and grow its brand presence among its primary target audience, people aged 18-31. The school also wanted to increase web traffic and lead form submissions, while continuing its tradition of maintaining strong relationships with students.


Effectv created a customized media plan to help Pennco Tech continue to grow year over year using targeted, layered platforms that connect and resonate with the school’s target audience daily. We also considered geography and pinpointed areas that could contribute to the school’s growth. We delivered the school’s commercial, which highlighted a success story from a recent graduate, across cable networks to the school’s target audience. In conjunction, Pennco Tech’s marketing strategy included digital billboards and digital ads to raise awareness of the school and educate potential students about the many life-essential career programs offered at the school.


The school’s brand recognition increased after the launch of this campaign, with Pennco Tech seeing increases in lead form submissions and web traffic in the first six months. In addition, Pennco Tech’s television campaign correlated to an 8% visitor lift and an additional 3,100 potential students to the website. The client was happy with the results, stating, “We enjoy this partnership that allows us to keep focusing on what we do best for our trade schools, while Effectv provides the media support, creative teams, and best practices to keep this positive momentum moving forward.”