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Northern Central Railway


Northern Central Railway is a local non-profit, educational attraction featuring a replica 1860s steam locomotive and vintage diesel locomotive to deliver an authentic, unique, and historic family-friendly railroad excursion experience through South-Central Pennsylvania’s famed rolling hills. Northern Central Railway wanted to expand its advertising reach and attract new customers.


Northern Central Railway worked with Effectv to develop an audience-targeted campaign in geographies that had proven successful in the past. The organization provided its own ZIP code data from prior ticket sales to identify key areas. Effectv matched this data to our coverage areas and made recommendations on the counties (zones) that made the most sense for the campaign. In addition, we analyzed viewership data insights to help reach the “Flourishing Families” audience segment.


These two targeting strategies helped Northern Central Railway broaden its advertising and marketing strategy to complement other initiatives to realize a strong media mix resulting in an overall 31% increase in ticket sales from the previous year. NCR will continue to partner with us to promote its destination railway.