Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools


One of the best ways to keep up with the demands of the global economy is to have a strong basis in science, technology, engineering and math – or STEM. Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools operates a number of STEM magnet schools, and wanted to reach parents and students near those schools and offer an opportunity to learn more about what STEM schools had to offer. The district worked with Effectv to deliver a multi-screen advertising and awareness campaign to a distinct set of ZIP codes.


Geographically targeted television advertising reached parents and children on networks like ABC Family, Nickelodeon and Lifetime. Digital advertising was targeted to the same ZIP codes, featured a banner advertisement on with individual tabs for each school. Visitors could click on a tab to watch a short video about a school, find its location on a map, view a photo gallery, send a link to a friend by email or post a link about the school to Facebook and Twitter.


The school district delivered achieved its objective of engaging with residents in the neighborhoods around the STEM magnet schools. Cumulatively, users spent more than 5 hours and 14 minutes engaging with the digital advertisement on, and TV viewers spent more than three hours watching the content about the schools, all in the course of a four-week campaign.