Hessert Chevrolet


In 2018, the Hessert family acquired an existing dealership in Northeast Philadelphia and started Hessert Chevrolet. Under new management, the team saw a need to rebrand and enhance the image of the dealership to establish it in the neighborhood as the #1 Chevrolet dealer.

The Hessert family wanted to drive traffic to the dealership as well as increase visits to their website, while making a name for themselves in the Philadelphia market.


We analyzed Polk automotive data and learned the majority of Hessert’s existing sales were coming from three Effectv zones within the Philadelphia DMA. To reach consumers in those areas, Effectv used Audience Intelligence to target ‘Chevrolet Intenders’ and relied on Instant IMPACT to optimize the campaign’s performance. In addition, the team monitored Google Analytics to measure web traffic.


When comparing Polk data year-over-year, Hessert Chevrolet saw a significant increase in sales from one year to the next. The majority of sales continued to come from the zones Hessert Chevrolet focused on, showing the marketing dollars were invested more efficiently by geo-targeting. Instant IMPACT results showed an increase in visitors to the dealership website, while Google Analytics revealed an increase in organic web searches.

“We like working with Effectv. Their data insights help us advertise in the counties that make the most sense for our territory, which helps maximize our marketing budget with little waste.”

-Tom Hessert, Owner; Hessert Chevrolet

Northeast Region Contact: Shelly Leaf