Fliegauf Jewelers


Fliegauf Jewelers is a family-owned jewelry retailer located in Washington, NJ. The retailer has been Warren County’s trusted jeweler since 1926. The Fliegauf family assists their customers with a variety of services including jewelry repair, engravings, ear piercings, and appraisals, and Fliegauf Jewelers features an assortment of quality diamonds, high-end jewelry, and gifts. Fliegauf Jewelers believes in the power of TV’s reach and has been working with Effectv for more than five years.


Fliegauf Jewelers historically advertised during the winter holidays but realized it was missing new business opportunities during peak seasons throughout the year. To reach targeted audience segments outside the traditional holidays, Fliegauf Jewelers developed new video creative to deliver a brand-centric message that resonates year-round.
The retailer’s new, localized creative highlighted the array of products and services ideal for all gift-giving occasions. Fliegauf Jewelers then invested in a more annual advertising approach – adding a spring campaign and extending the flight of its winter campaign. With a healthy mix of live television and streaming impressions over 40 high-reach and niche networks, Fliegauf used a multiscreen approach to build its brand and generate awareness around these key times of year. In addition, Fliegauf Jewelers reached more viewers by advertising in some of Effectv’s high-value programming like ESPN’s Monday Night Football and Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas.”


Effectv gave Fliegauf Jewelers the data insights needed to target the right audiences in both streaming and live TV for each of its campaigns. In 2021, Fliegauf Jewelers experienced an uptick in new clients equating to an overall 10% sales growth over the previous year. “The additional advertising investment has really paid off,” said the client.

We have been advertising with Effectv for a number of years, always promoting our products in November and December leading up to our busiest holiday season. To grow our business outside traditional windows, we produced new creative and extended our message throughout the year. We definitely gained new clients and I routinely hear that our clients see our commercials. Even in an ‘off’ year, our sales increased by 10%. The additional advertising investment has really paid off.

Greg Fliegauf, Owner, Fliegauf Jewelers