Financial Services

Fairfield County Bank


Fairfield County Bank operates 16 locations in Fairfield County, Connecticut. With a large focus on the community, the bank supports initiatives related to education, activities for disadvantaged youth, medical access to ailing neighbors, arts and culture, and recreation that helps improve Fairfield County’s quality of life. In 2021, Fairfield County Bank donated more than $1 million to local non-profit organizations, and its employees volunteered more than 3,300 hours. Fairfield County Bank sponsors 37 schools throughout Fairfield County, providing them with online interactive real-world financial scenarios with the goal of improving financial literacy among the community’s youth. As the sponsor of HamletHub’s Why Small Businesses Matter program, Fairfield County Bank has supported more than 1,000 of the area’s small businesses. The program shines a spotlight on local business champions, providing them with an opportunity to promote their business for free. Fairfield County Bank’s mission is to reinvest earnings back into the community through commercial and residential lending and charitable giving.


Fairfield County Bank brands its business with a focus on the people in the community, and its commercial creative features both bank employees and clients. Fairfield County Bank takes an audience-centric targeting approach to promote consumer banking relationships, and a B2B focus offering products and a local commercial lending team that serves the business community. Fairfield County Bank has utilized Effectv’s audience targeting capabilities on linear cable networks as well as through Effectv Streaming. Its goal is to reach audience segments like young, single city-dwellers and communicate with these consumers before they begin their wealth management journey. Fairfield County Bank attributes its recognition in the community to advertising in high-value programming like The Olympics and other live sports. In addition, geographic targeting continues to be a key benefit as Effectv’s coverage enables the Bank to advertise within its county footprint. “Fairfield County Bank’s overall awareness has increased over the last three years according to Rivel’s Benchmarking, and we are confident to say that the targeted programs launched with Effectv have much to do with that success,” shared the Vice President, Marketing Manager of Fairfield County Bank.


As Fairfield County Bank’s marketing needs evolve, its marketers continue to partner with Effectv and use data insights to inform new strategies. Success for Fairfield County Bank is having the community choose a local bank over a national brand. Success through advertising shows an increase in new clients and more products sold annually. “Effectv has been a long-time partner of Fairfield County Bank, and their support has been tremendously beneficial to the bank’s strategy,” the Vice President, Marketing Manager continued. “As we have evolved and grown, so have they, clearly understanding our mission and goals. Their ability to meet our audience where they are consuming media and share data insights enabling us to make informed decisions, has led to the success of our campaigns both through cable, streaming, and On Demand channels. We cannot thank the team of professionals at Effectv that take the time to understand not only Fairfield County Bank’s needs, but our clients’ needs, enough.”