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Dental Cosmetic Center-Bay Area


With more than three decades serving the community, the team at Dental Cosmetic Center-Bay Area of Texas City, TX, has remained at the forefront of advances in dentistry. To educate prospective new patients about the many options available and to grow the business, the practice worked with Effectv to create a multi-screen advertising campaign that would have people smiling in no time.


Dental Cosmetic Center’s primary audience was adults interested in improving the physical appearance of their teeth, with or without dentures—for personal or professional reasons. The practice geographically targeted its advertising in the area within a 30-minute drive of its office. The practice’s television advertising strategy included popular networks like Hallmark Channel, HGTV and FOX News. Digital advertising on added reach and frequency to the campaign, which focused on the powerful effect restorative cosmetic dentistry can have on patients’ lives.


After just a few months of a new campaign, Dental Cosmetic Center saw the impact, as gross production climbed 25% year over year. The practice continued to see more patients coming in, with those patients reporting they noticed the Dental Cosmetic Center’s multi-screen advertising.