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Cherry Creek Mortgage




Cherry Creek Mortgage has been in business for over 34 years and decided to begin airing commercials with Effectv in 2020. The company’s goal was to increase web traffic, and particularly to increase traffic to its Mortgage Calculator and Get Started pages. Cherry Creek started advertising in the Denver market and, from there, expanded to several other markets across the country.


Cherry Creek partnered with Mnemonic, Effectv’s full-service creative agency, to develop compelling commercials that would drive viewers to its website. Together, they worked on a series of commercials that were lifestyle-focused with a relatable and fun tone to appeal to the company’s target audience. We at Effectv also helped Cherry Creek create an ad variation that was co-branded with HGTV’s Home Town series.

Once creative was complete, we developed ad schedules that focused on geographies relevant to Cherry Creek’s different branches. We used our Audience Intelligence platform to build data-driven schedules, then layered in sports and other high-value programming to reach even more potential customers. We also included Effectv Streaming to reach audiences watching digital video.


Cherry Creek Mortgage saw remarkable results from its multiscreen campaign, and the commercials resonated with the company’s audience. Across digital content, the ads achieved a completion rate of more than 98%, and people have called and walked into Cherry Creek branches stating that the commercials prompted them to take action.

The company also saw a notable uptick in web traffic and activity. In an eight-month period, total website traffic increased 20%, and on certain pages, traffic increased up to 200%. Additionally, the company saw a 60% increase in applications via its borrower portal compared to the same period a year earlier.

The client directly attributes these results to the ad campaign, stating, “Clearly, not only are the commercials driving more people to our website, but they’re also attracting qualified individuals who are interested in submitting a mortgage application with us.”