Financial Services

Central Bank of Utah



Central Bank of Utah is a family-owned independent bank, operating in Utah County since 1891. This small bank offers big-bank services like online banking, business loans, mortgages, and business insurance.

Central Bank’s marketing and advertising goals for 2021 were twofold. First, the team wanted to highlight to local communities that it offers modern banking services through its app, such as its Receipt Capture and Spare Change products. Second, it wanted to create unique TV commercials that highlight that Central Bank is a locally owned business while calling to attention its new high-tech products.


All Central Bank locations are found within two of Effectv’s Utah zones, Orem and Provo. The Effectv team planned a campaign to target the “Promising Families” audience segment, which includes households of young families, within these zones to eliminate waste. The advertising campaign incorporated a linear audience schedule, an audience-targeted streaming component, and strategic sports like Brigham Young University football – a local team and community favorite. The components worked together to add incremental reach and frequency into matching households.


Effectv’s full-service creative agency Mnemonic produced seven different video commercials for Central Bank of Utah, including “Spare Change,” which was selected as a Silver Medal Winner of the 2022 Telly Awards. The creatives ranged from general branding messages of hometown values to ads about specific new products and services. “We credit these professionally-produced and strategically-placed commercials in driving a positive ROI,” said the Central Bank of Utah Director of Marketing. In the first three months of the campaign, the bank saw an uptick in website visitors of about 5%, based on results from Effectv’s Instant IMPACT measurement tool.