Bayne HomeWorks




Bayne HomeWorks is a local home appliance retail store in the Clear Lake area of the Houston market. The Bayne family history in the appliance business started in 1939 and lasted multiple generations through 2005, when the family decided to close its store doors. Fast forward to 2020, the Bayne family is back with an exciting vision for next-generation retail stores and a new online experience. The company had goals to increase sales and website traffic for the current location, along with eventually opening new locations and providing new retail and service offerings. The company trusted Effectv and Mnemonic to develop a strategic and creative approach to do so.


Bayne HomeWorks partnered with Mnemonic, Effectv’s full-service creative agency, to develop commercials that highlighted the legacy of the company’s reputation in the appliance industry and its constant commitment to provide superior customer service and expertise.

For the campaign strategy, we developed a multiplatform, audience-based solution to reach homeowners who had household incomes of $100,000 or more and resided within the two local geographic zones. We included impactful sports programming, which provided incremental value to create peak weeks of engagement.


Randy Bayne, owner of Bayne HomeWorks, was blown away by the quality of the creative produced by Mnemonic through an attentive partnership with the company. Bayne HomeWorks launched its campaign in early 2021, and within the first three months, cultivated measurable success. The campaign reached 69% of the target audience with an average frequency of 6.1. It also achieved nearly 650 hours of engagement on streaming platforms with a 96% completion rate. Within the two-zone campaign geography, the company’s website experienced a 35% increase in new users, a 34% increase in direct and organic sessions, and a 40% increase in page views compared to the prior period.

Despite COVID-19 disrupting the supply chain of the appliance inventory, the owner has stated his business is doing well and he’s impressed with both the growth of website traffic as well as with how many customers have mentioned seeing the campaign. These results gave him more confidence that our audience-based solutions are helping him reach his ideal customers and that a strong creative video approach can influence viewers to take action. We look forward to supporting Bayne HomeWorks through the growth of additional locations and its evolution of services and products.