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Angelo’s Cleaning


Angelo’s Cleaning has been a premier carpet cleaning company serving southeastern Pennsylvania for over 30 years. Over the last 10 years, this family-owned and -operated business has performed over 52,000 jobs and has 10,000 active customers. Angelo’s Cleaning turned to its Effectv business partners to help promote its reputable brand.


Angelo’s Cleaning truly believes in the power of video and even has a video library on its website to share cleaning tips and tricks. Angelo’s sought to increase its overall brand awareness by delivering video messaging to its ideal audience: families with children and pets.

Since the company wanted new creative, partnering Angelo’s with Mnemonic was a perfect first step. Our in-house creative team was able to produce a new and engaging commercial that promoted Angelo’s excellent services. We then delivered this commercial across linear content to the company’s ideal audience.


While maintaining an advertising campaign through the economic recession caused by COVID-19, Angelo’s Cleaning saw improvements in several KPIs, with Google Analytics showing increases in direct and organic website views.

Angelo’s Cleaning attributed its pandemic-timed success to the consistent advertising campaign led by Effectv. Angelo’s saw the campaign as excellent additional exposure in the market, stating, “The pandemic would have been the worst time to cut back. Customers are consistently informing us that they have seen our commercials.”