Instant IMPACT: Bringing Better Attribution and Improved Performance to Local TV Advertisers

Submitted by Melissa Hutter
August 7, 2019

Instant IMPACT—Effectv's recently launched attribution solution – allows local cable TV advertisers to measure lower-funnel activity, bringing greater accountability to local TV advertising and ultimately allowing Effectv clients to help drive online purchases.

So how does it work?

By placing a tag on an advertiser’s website, Instant IMPACT can measure the lift in traffic to a brand’s website within a 30-minute window after a linear TV ad runs. Then, through a custom dashboard shared directly with advertisers and agencies, we can work with our clients to understand how their TV campaigns are working to drive immediate website traffic.  The dashboard provides the flexibility to look at reporting by various campaign elements, including zone, creative, daypart and day of week. By drilling down on the performance drivers, sellers can help clients determine what is working best for their campaign and identify areas for improvement and optimization. In addition to measuring lift in overall traffic, advertisers can also measure activity and conversion to specific pages, or other actions within the website that align with their campaign goals.

To date, over 150 Effecrv clients across several industries, including Tier 3 Auto, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Home Improvement, Legal, and Finance/Insurance have used Instant IMPACT to understand the performance of their TV campaign. Insights from these campaigns show that advertisers who take an audience-driven approach to their scheduling based on the principles of the New TV, buying broad and deep across a wide variety of networks and dayparts, have seen greater success than advertisers who limit their schedules to a few networks or dayparts.

  • On average, advertisers who ran across 20+ networks saw over 3x the lift in Immediate Visitors (within 30 minutes) than advertisers who ran across less than 10 networks per week.
  • When campaigns ran 20% or fewer spots in primetime, lift was 180% greater than campaigns that ran 60% or more spots in primetime. 

Here are a few specific examples illustrating the above:

Case Study 1: Daypart Optimization

  • An auto advertiser in the Boston DMA traditionally spent most of its budget with Effectv in Primetime. While using Instant IMPACT, the advertiser gradually shifted more spots away from Primetime into broader dayparts.  In the first month, with nearly 70% of its spots running in Primetime, the advertiser saw a 1.5% lift in Immediate Visitors to its website.  By the third month, the advertiser was running just under 40% of its spots in Primetime, and its Immediate Visitor lift grew by 73%.
    Source: Instant IMPACT powered by TVSquared, October 2018 – December2018


Case Study 2: Network Optimization

  • Another advertiser typically spends most of its cable budget on sports. In the first month, with nearly three quarters of its budget allocated to ESPN, the advertiser was seeing a 3.7% lift in Immediate Visitors - as measured by Instant IMPACT - and a 20% household reach. In the second month, the advertiser adopted an audience-driven schedule, spreading its impressions more evenly across 21 networks. As a result, the advertiser increased its Immediate Visitor lift by 170%, and more than tripled its household reach.
    Source: Instant IMPACT powered by TVSquared, December 2018 – January 2019, Comcast Viewership Data December 2018 – January 2019.


Case Study 3: Optimization for Improved Full-funnel Performance

  • An auto dealer in the Denver DMA switched to a data-driven, audience-based buying strategy with the help of Effectv. In the first half of its campaign, the advertiser had a household reach of 47%; 5,948 organic search sessions; and an Immediate Visitor lift of 4.1%. After adding 14 networks with a similar overall spend, the advertiser saw an increase in Household Reach of 17%; an 11% increase in organic search sessions; and an increase in Immediate Visitor lift of 36%, proving that video influences the entire funnel.
    Source: Instant IMPACT powered by TVSquared, November 2018 - April 2019. Google Analytics data November 2018 – April 2019. Comcast Viewership Data, November 2018 – April 2019


As these examples show, advertisers who lean in to the New TV strategies, including a more audience-based approach to scheduling, are achieving both greater campaign reach and improved outcomes. Instant IMPACT is our latest tool to help our clients measure these outcomes—and we are so pleased to bring it to the marketplace!

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