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Quality data is the key to effective advertising.

Effectv uses insights from Comcast viewership data to ensure your ads are delivered to the audiences that matter most. These insights tell us what your target audience is watching and what they’re likely to be watching next, allowing us to create a smarter campaign that can make an impact on your bottom line.

Explore Audience Targeting & Multiscreen Delivery

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Target specific audiences based on insights into:

  • Viewership trends
  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • Content preferences
  • Interests and affinities

Premier programming

Show up where your ads will make the biggest impact on your audiences.

Effectv gives you access to premium inventory across live, on demand and streaming TV (OTT, TVE, CTV), including:

Explore Programming


Over 11,000 TV programs from 170 networks across all platforms and devices

Live Sports and Events

High-profile, must-see sports and events that viewers watch live

News and Entertainment

Placements across a variety of news networks that viewers tune to daily, as well as entertainment spanning every genre

Craft a message that resonates

Your message matters. Let our in-house creative agency develop a campaign that makes a splash.

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Track performance and impact

Building and delivering great ads is just the beginning. It’s also important to track and monitor your campaign’s performance so you can keep learning and be prepared to move quickly to capitalize on new opportunities.

Effectv’s reporting solutions are built to give you a comprehensive picture of how your ads performed.

Explore Reporting and Attribution

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TV Reporting

Discover insights like impressions, when your ad ran, and on which networks your ad ran.

Digital Reporting

Track the pacing of your digital campaign by monitoring impressions, video completion, time spent interacting with videos, and clicks.

Instant IMPACT

Monitor immediate lift by tracking web traffic 30 minutes after a commercial airs.

Ad Exposure

Analyze how effectively your ad reached your target audience

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We’ve helped all types of businesses reach their goals. Read these case studies to learn how they achieved growth.


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